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  • Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants in a defined nutrient solution in complete absence of soil.

  • Hydroponics is also called Soil-less culture.

  • First demonstrated by German Botanist Julius von Sachs in 1860s.

Vector illustration of Hydroponics


  • A defined nutrient solution containing all the essential elements in the concentration required by the plant.

  • Sterile equipments to prevent contamination

  • An opening for adding fresh nutrient media

  • An opening for aeration

  • A dark covering to prevent algal growth


  • Helped to identify the mineral nutrients essential for plants by performing a series of experiments by providing a mineral solution in which an element was added/ substituted/ removed or given in varied concentration.

  • Hydroponics also helped to identify the deficiency symptoms associated with essential elements.

  • Hydroponics is used as technique for commercial production of plants like tomato, seedless cucumber and lettuce.

  • Can be used to grow plants in areas having low soil fertility, abnormal soil pH or soil containing pathogens.

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